Personal Insurance

How do I recall all that is lost following a claim?

This is a common question we are asked. There are various methods some may use, whether it be a written log or video of your home. After a fire or a break-in, an inevitably stressful time, do you think you could remember all the details that went into making your house a home and what everything cost? It’s amazing how much stuff builds up over time!

Take the time now to make a record of your possessions and minimize the worry later. Important documents like bills, receipts, warranties and instruction manuals should be included in your inventory – they can serve as proof of ownership. Simply scan the document and attach it to your inventory file. You can attach photos of your stuff too. When you are done, burn the inventory file to a CD, an external hard drive or some other storage device and keep it in a safe place like a fire-proof box or safety deposit box and review it annually. A video of your home and all your possessions will work too. Be sure to describe the items and how much they are worth when recording your video.

Personal Liability Insurance

Personal liability claims may occasionally reach catastrophic levels which go beyond the limits of the basic personal liability policy. The personal umbrella policy is designed to provide excess liability coverage over underlying or existing insurance policies. Typically this policy includes coverage for catastrophic liability exposures associated with the home, automobiles, boats and recreational vehicles and is recommended for people with large amounts of financial assets.